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Introducing our FENI "The Spirit of Goa" T-Shirt, a hilarious celebration of the age-old tradition of making Goa's favorite alcohol! Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey through the FENI-making process with our unique design that blends visuals and witty captions. It's time to wear your love for FENI loud and proud!

Our talented artists have ingeniously crafted a design that showcases the step-by-step process of creating this beloved spirit. Starting from the plucking of ripe cashew apples, we've depicted a cheeky cashew fruit with a mischievous grin, ready to take the plunge into FENI madness.

Moving on, we illustrate the traditional stomping of the cashew fruit, where a group of joyful folks rhythmically stomp away while savoring every moment. Trust us, it's a sight to behold! But hey, don't worry, we've made sure to include some protective boots to keep those tootsies safe.

Next up, we showcase the distillation process, where the magic truly happens. Watch as steam rises from the pot still, releasing the tantalizing aroma of FENI into the Goan air. We've added a playful twist with a small speech bubble saying, "Just another day in FENI paradise!"

Finally, behold the glorious result—a shot glass filled to the brim with the golden elixir of FENI. Our witty caption below reads, "Goa's liquid sunshine, distilled to perfection!" It's a nod to the Goan sun and the unparalleled joy that FENI brings to every sip.

Made from the softest cotton, our FENI "The Spirit of Goa" T-Shirt ensures maximum comfort as you embrace your Goan spirit. Whether you're partying at the beach, exploring Goa's vibrant markets, or simply chilling with friends, this shirt guarantees non-stop laughs and good vibes.

So, grab your FENI "The Spirit of Goa" T-Shirt now and join the FENI revolution! It's time to raise a glass, toast to Goa's finest, and spread the contagious spirit of FENI wherever you go. Cheers to life, laughter, and the undeniable magic of Goa's liquid sunshine!

Please note: The FENI "The Spirit of Goa" T-Shirt is strictly for fun-loving individuals above legal drinking age. Wear responsibly and drink responsibly. Party on, amigos!


100% Super Combed Cotton

Regular Fit

Lycra Rib Neck

Double Stitched

Bio Washed


Shipping & Returns

Processing time for our T-shirts are 2 to 3 days. Later they will be dispatched to your destination.

Expect around 8 to 9 days for your order to reach your doorsteps

We only accept returns of defected products for more check our return policy.

Care Instructions

Cold Wash, Tumble Dry

Dry in shade

Do not wring

Do not bleach

All 100% cotton garments are shrinkable upto 3-4% as international quality standard

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