Boro Murray?,

Growing up in the state of Goa the word  “Patrao” has become a growing expression for everyone, it's the first Konkani/Portuguese word everyone picksup on their visit to Goa. This popularity of Goan culture gave birth to a truly Goan brand inspired by Goa and Goans itself. 


Started out as an idea to provide quality design in clothing, has now grown into one of the most loved and trusted brand with trendiest of style in apparels and merchandise at an affordable price. We have brought Goa’s top designers under one roof to create unique and modern designs into your wardrobe.

“Oipatrao” is a Goan based design collective that promotes carefree, modern wearable and accessories inspired by Goa and Global Trends, having its roots deep in Portuguese culture, the beach lifestyle, contemporary fashion, and live music.

All our apparels are printed with Oeko-Tex certified ink and are 100% cotton bio washed soft fabric to ensure our customer enjoys premium quality wear.

Explore Goa Like Never Before.