Boro Murray?,

Growing up in the state of Goa the word  “Patrao” has become a growing expression for everyone, it's the first Konkani/Portuguese word everyone picks up on their visit to Goa. This popularity of Goan culture gave birth to a truly Goan brand inspired by Goa and Goans itself. 


We're about capturing the essence of Goa, its vibrant spirit, and weaving it into everything we create.

Think of us as cultural alchemists, transforming the magic of Goa — its sun-kissed beaches, swaying coconut trees, the clink of cashew feni glasses, the infectious rhythm of Konkani music — into tangible expressions you can hold close.

Sure, we have clothes. But they're not just fabric and thread. They're canvases for Goa's stories, whispers of its soul. Each design is a brushstroke, painting a picture of laid-back charm, sun-drenched days, and the carefree spirit that makes Goa unlike anywhere else.

But Oipatrao is more than just merchandise. We're a community. A melting pot of artists, designers, and dreamers who share a deep connection to Goa's unique vibe. We pour our love for this land into everything we do, from the quirky prints to the hand-picked music that fills our online space.

When you wear an Oipatrao piece, you're not just sporting a label. You're becoming part of the story. You're embracing the sun-drenched freedom, the easygoing rhythm, the vibrant tapestry of cultures that make Goa so special.

So, come explore with us. Dive into the Oipatrao world, where Goa's spirit whispers through every design, every melody, every interaction. We're not just selling clothes, we're selling a feeling. A feeling of belonging, of wanderlust, of sun-kissed joy.

This is Oipatrao. This is Goa.


Explore Goa Like Never Before.